Tokyo ancient walk 

Tokyo  ×  Photographer / coming soon!

Tokyo × Photographer / coming soon!

Kikuko Usuyama  who loves an ancient tomb suggests how to play method without spending money in Tokyo.

It may be the method that can spend a holiday while feeling the eternal history to change the viewpoint of the town.

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Kikuko Usuyama

Based in Tokyo and New York, she focuses on portrait/lifestyle/documentary. Working on several projects such as 
”Inu-Dojo” (2002), “Ogamisan”(2007-2009), and “Woman in a dress”(2009-present). 
”Inu-Dojo” is composed of a series of dog pictures taken in NYC, awarded by Canon New Cosmos of Photography in 2002. 
”Ogamisan” followed a life of a shaman living near her hometown in Japan in 2007-2009. “Woman in a dress” is a fashion documentary of women in one piece dress. This series has been ongoing on “Kurashi no Techo” magazine bi-monthly since 2009. She has been working on candid photos “Subway” mostly featuring subway people since 2012.