Okinawa × Karateist

八木 明人(Akihito Yagki) /空手家(Karateist)

 「I would like to make a platform that karate kids toward to the world.」

Akihito Yagi, the master fo Meibu-Kan Gojyu Karate-do Association takes over the traditional martial arts and continues the activity not only in Japan but also all over the world.
His grandfather is Meitoku Yagi who has the keeper of Okinawa karate・ancient Japanese martial arts. These arts are intangible cultural treasure designated by Okinawa prefecture.
These days, he got many attentions from people from all over the world.
That is the reason form that the athletes from sport karate come back to the traditional karate when they seek for the root and realize the importance of the basic Okinawa’s karate style.

I would like to make a platform that karate kids toward to the world.
Hence, Mr. Yagi says that the karate association needs to cooperates beyond organizations and circles and transmit the karate to all over the world.
The baton that Mr. Yagi has should get stronger and connect to the next generation.
The traditional karate gains its support from the art and the magnificent hearts.